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Symonne Harrison’s Bio: Her Age, Height, Weight, and Net worth

Symonne Harrison - Bio, Age

Symonne Harrison, a multi-talented performer who has received numerous awards in dance competitions, was born on the 19th of June in 2006. She is a model, actress as well as a dancer TikToker as well as a YouTuber. Symonne began her passion for performing at three years old.

She has also accumulated over 3.6 million followers on TikTok and 1.18 million subscribers on YouTube. Symonne Harrison was included on the cover of “Art and Beauty” magazine and has collaborated with companies like Lip Smacker and Beach Waver. As an actress, she’s been seen on the Golden Globe award-winning Showtime show The Affair; the Nickelodeon show Hot Mess, and the Brat series Crown Lake.

The early years of Symonne Harrison

Her place of birth was Cleveland, Ohio, in the United States. Symonne Harrison’s dad’s name is Jim Harrison, and her mother’s name is Tania Harrison. There aren’t any children in the family. Harrison is the sole child of her parents.

Symonne Harrison Age

Her birth date was June 19th, 2006. Symonne Harrison was 16+ in 2023.

Weight, Height, Eye colour, and Zodiac Sign of Symonne

She is 5’1 inches tall and weighs about 50kg. Her eyes are brown, and she has brown hair. Symonne Harrison is an American national, and her zodiac sign of Gemini.

Salary, Net worth, and Earnings of Symonne Harrison

Symonne Harrison’s net worth projected in 2020 will be between $700,000 to $1 million. Symonne Harrison has amassed a decent amount of wealth through her work in the entertainment field. In addition, she makes significant amounts of money through the earnings of her YouTube channel.

Symonne Harrison’s wealth in 2023 is estimated at over $3 million. She earns a lot of money from her dancing, acting, and social media. Another primary source of earnings is through brand endorsements, compensation-based partnerships and sponsorships.

Symonne Harrison Education

Symonne finished her secondary school at the Cleveland, Ohio, United States high school. Also, She is enrolled at this same high school where she plans to pursue higher education.

She has taken part in numerous dance competitions at the local level and won numerous honours for her home as a young girl. She always envisioned being a successful dancer and actress in the American entertainment industry.

Symonne Harrison’s Personal Life

Symonne Harrison is married now. After a few years of dating, Symonne Harrison married Nick Bencivengo (another social media actor) in January 2022.

Nick posted their wedding engagement ceremony footage to his 370K subscribers on his YouTube channel. Nick is a well-known TikTok star and popular social media celebrity.

Ayden Mekus formerly was Symonne Harrison’s lover, an American model, actor and YouTuber. He is also a dancer and social media celebrity.

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