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[Complete Guide] How to Hide Likes on Instagram?

Hide Likes on Instagram

Instagram lets users decide whether or not they wish to view their likes on the Instagram platform. Learn how to hide your likes on Instagram and why it’s a choice.

Is It Important to Have Instagram Likes?

Instagram users can now hide or unhide the like count for posts. It’s a change from the numerical value you’d see in the photo; it mentions a handful of users, and it adds “and other.”

Hiding your likes on Instagram is simple and easy to reverse and, in certain instances, can positively impact the way you feel about the application. This is how you can do it.

How Do You Hide Likes on Instagram?

In a couple of steps, Instagram lets you conceal the like count for other users’ posts. This means you will not be able to see similar numbers when you browse through the application. You can also hide likes on your personal posts.

How Do You Conceal the Likes of Other Users’ Instagram Posts?

1. Sign in to your profile and click the hamburger-style icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen. From there, click Settings in the upper left corner of your menu.

2. In the Settings menu, click Privacy from the Settings menu. Then, hit “Posts.”

3. At the top of the Posts menu, you’ll find an option labelled “Hide View Counts and Likes. Change this switch to an “on” setting (it should change to blue). Now you’re ready to go. The like count for every one of your Instagram posts will be hidden. Instagram posts will be hidden.

How Do You Hide Likes on Your Instagram Posts?

There are two methods to hide likes on specific Instagram posts. You can conceal the count of likes before when the post goes live if you’re uploading a new image or video but don’t need likes to be displayed.

Create your post the way you normally would, but when you get to the screen that allows you to make a caption, click on the Advanced Settings option at the bottom. Turning off the hidden count of likes and views on this post’s switch is possible.

Why Does Instagram Offer Users the Option to Block Likes?

You might be wondering why hiding likes isn’t an option.

Simply put, it’s for our personal benefit. According to a statement from the company, it began hiding likes for certain countries in order to determine how it might “depressurise the user experience” through Instagram.

Do You Want to Hide Your Instagram Likes? Does Instagram Influence Your Posts’ Performance?

To hide, or not to hide, that’s the issue. Does it matter?

In the end, it’s not It is possible to hide your likes from your friends and users. However, Instagram will still keep track of the likes of users and utilise them to serve as a ranking signal to the algorithm.

In short, the algorithm determines which content you will see first (on stories, posts, articles, and the Explore Page). How it determines the order is unique to each individual and is based on the content you love watching, commenting on, and watching.

That one fan constantly promoting your brand in your comments will always be able to see your posts even though you’ve hidden your likes. Your Instagram friend’s extremely uncool yet incredibly captivating cup-stacking video will be visible on your feed even if you’ve hidden likes. And you don’t think about how many likes they have. It’s cool.

How Can You Track Your Instagram Likes (Even if they’re not visible)?

Instagram Insights

The analytics feature in Instagram’s app provides the complete picture of your account’s performance, including information about the number of accounts you’ve reached as well as what demographics define your followers, how your number of followers is increasing, and the number of likes you’ve received for your posts.

To access Instagram’s Insights, you must have a Creator or Business account (which costs nothing and is a simple change to. Go to Settings, click Account, and then click Switch account enter).

From your business or creator profile, visit your Instagram profile and click on the Insights button under your bio. Then look down until you reach the Shared Content section, which lists the number of posts you have shared in the past seven days. Click the > arrow on the right.

Instagram will show you the gallery of posts, which can be filtered to show specific metrics like reach, comments, likes, and reach. They are all included.

You can also choose the kind of posts you want to display (photos or videos and carousel-style posts) and in what timeframe (the last week, the last three months, and six months (or two) years).

To choose your favourite likes, select the drop-down menu in the middle of your screen, and choose Likes.

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