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Anthony Levandowski Net Worth 2023

Anthony Levandowski Net Worth

Anthony Levandowski’s net worth: Anthony Levandowski is an American and French engineer with an estimated net worth of $200 million. Levandowski is a self-driving automobile engineer and has dual citizenship.

Anthony Levandowski’s Biography

Levandowski was born in the month of March 1980 at Brussels, Belgium. At a young age, the young man was fascinated by robotics and technology. He was a student at his first University of California, Berkeley, where he was a student of Industrial Engineering and Operations Research and graduated with master’s and bachelor’s degrees.

When he was a freshman, Levandowski was a smart student, setting up an intranet site out of his house. According to IEEE Spectrum, in 2004, Levandowski teamed up with fellow UC Berkeley engineers and built an autonomous motorcycle that took part during the DARPA Grand Challenge. The motorbike dubbed Ghostrider is now at the National Museum of American History as well as in the Smithsonian Institution.

Following graduation, Levandowski joined Silicon Valley and worked for companies such as Google as well as 3com. While working at Google, He was involved in Street View, Google Maps and a driverless automobile project known as Waymo. Levandowski has made an enormous impact on the world of technology. It has brought him fame and recognition.

He left Google in 2016 and set up his own company named Otto. Naturally, the process of departure from Google was not free of controversy. According to CNBC, it was claimed that the former employee took the intellectual property of Google. It’s evident that his work and time at Google helped to increase its net worth. According to reports, Google gave Levandowski $ 120 million in exchange for his work on autonomous cars.

Levandowski’s involvement with Otto and Uber

In 2016 Uber purchased Levandowski’s autonomous truck firm, Otto. Levandowski was the co-founder and president of Otto. But Uber’s purchase of the company sparked some controversy. Levandowski is accused of taking the trade secrets of Google.

While working at Google, Anthony Levandowski was put in charge of Google’s autonomous driving program. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Levandowski was at the centre of the scandal. According to Business Insider reports, eventually, Uber was ordered to settle the case for an amount of money. In addition, Uber had to give ownership of Otto. But all this controversy definitely affected his net worth.

Anthony Levandowski’s life as a person

As with his professional career, Levandowski’s personal life has also been a source of issues. In the Google legal fight, there is a claim that Levandowski was discovered to have an affair with his colleague. The scandal erupted at Google and could be a factor in his decision to leave the company.

At present, Levandowski is married and has two children. The couple resides in California however, not much of their private life is publicly available.

What made Anthony Levandowski make so much money?

Anthony has made the largest of his earnings from his work in tech. As a co-founder and co-founder of Otto, the self-driving vehicle business, Levandowski made a huge amount of money selling the business. Uber bought Otto for $680 million and contributed to the net worth of Levandowski.

Did Levandowski create other companies?

After leaving Google, Levandowski formed several businesses. One of them is WOTF (Way of the Future) Ventures, which is more of a religion rather than an enterprise that is profit-driven.
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