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How to Block Someone on Spotify? (2023 Guide)

How to Block Someone on Spotify

Spotify is currently one of the fastest-growing music apps online. Spotify has millions of songs.

You can also listen to it to pass the time. Sometimes, however, users may have to make accessing it difficult for an unwelcome person.

This is the most frequently asked question by people: “How do I block someone on Spotify?” Unfortunately, no clear answer exists because you can’t stop anyone on Spotify. However, there is a process for performing it.

You can make playlists private or adjust your privacy settings to make them private.

Protecting your data and sometimes blocking others from seeing your activities is vital.

Unfortunately, Spotify cannot block individual users or make their personal data completely private. This allows you to keep your Spotify account as confidential as possible.

Here are the steps to follow:

How to Keep Your Spotify Account Private?

You’ll first want to limit the amount of shared data you have.

  1. Open a Spotify on your Mac or PC and log in to your account if required.
  2. Press the down button next to your account title and choose “Settings.”
  3. Scroll down and proceed to the section “Social” and press the toggle next to “Make my new playlists publicly available” so it becomes grey. Next, click the toggle to “Start a private listening session anonymously”.

Next, make sure to make any playlists you already have private. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Open one of your Spotify playlists.
  2. Click the three dots located at the top of the playlist page, next to the button “Play.”
  3. Choose the option “Make private.”
  4. Repeat the above steps for each playlist you wish to keep private.
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