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Top 10 Most Instagrammable Places in Antipolo

Instagrammable Places in Antipolo

Antipolo is a famous city in the Philippines, mainly known as the pilgrimage site for the Catholics. But there is a lot more to this picture-perfect city that not many people know about. It has beautiful churches and enough natural beauty to leave you in awe of the city. Moreover, you must not miss out on seeing the most Instagrammable places in Antipolo to make your Instagram feed much more vibrant.

After you have explored the bustling city of Manila, you might need a breath of fresh air and more nature. This is why you must visit Antipolo. The city is full of beautiful places that will be a stunning background for your photos. It will also allow you to show your followers a different side of the Philippines.

We are here to tell you about the Instagrammable places in Antipolo that you must explore during your holidays.

Most Instagrammable Places in Antipolo

  1. Pinto Art Museum

When talking about the instagrammable places in the city, it wouldn’t be fair not to mention the Pinto Art Museum at the top of the list. This museum is unique as it perfectly blends Spanish and Mediterranean styles. There are numerous art galleries in this museum.

Each one of these galleries has a separate doorway, which is why the museum is called Pinto Art Museum, as Pinto is the word for door in the local language. The interior of this museum is stunning and adorned by Filipino art, which will make your photos look dreamy and aesthetic.

  1. Cloud 9

Cloud 9 offers the perfect view of the city from above. At night, you see the vibrant lights that give you the most picturesque view, perfect for your Instagram feed. The hotel also has a bridge that links to the observation deck.

Many people love to see the sunset from Cloud 9. Also, you can have a delicious meal in the sky at the stunning restaurant at Cloud 9.

  1. Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa

If you want to pamper yourself and take stunning photos, visit Luljetta’s Hanging Garden and Spa. This site features expansive gardens that will give you a much-needed retreat into nature. It also has a stunning pool where you can swim and take beautiful photos for your Instagram.

These gardens overlook the stunning skyscrapers of Metro Manila, the hilly part of Antipolo and Laguna de Bay. Many people visit this place for a dreamy photoshoot.

  1. Casa Santa Museum

Who doesn’t like Christmas? And more than that, who doesn’t like Christmas decorations and the cosy vibe of the beloved holiday? If you are one of the Christmas lovers, you must visit the Casa Santa Museum in Antipolo. The museum features around 4000 figures and many other Christmas displays. This museum looks good in photos that capture the holiday essence at its best.

  1. Burrow Café

Burrow Café is a popular café in the city known for its beautiful garden theme vacation house with a little rustic element that gives it a unique look. Large panel windows at the café give you a beautiful lush green view of the outside. You will also find hammocks and garden chairs at this place, where you can take some stunning shots and post them on your Instagram feed. The food of this café is also as instagrammable as it could ever be.

  1. Antipolo Cathedral

Antipolo Cathedral receives great footfall every year. Many people visit it, especially during Holy Week, as it is known as the National Shrine of Our Lady of Peace and Good Voyage. The church has a stunning interior, which you can photograph to capture its beauty and essence. Moreover, there are also food stalls nearby where you can treat yourself to different kinds of nuts and rice cakes.

  1. Café Lupe

Café Lupe is another one of the most instagrammable places in Antipolo. This café used to be a bed and breakfast before. You will find the ideal Filipino-Mexican fusions at this café with its vibrant colours, live music and delicious food.

  1. Yellow Lantern Café

Yellow Lantern Café is located just outside the city and provides a great view of Antipolo and Manila. The menu consists of various food dishes from European to Asian comfort food. The café is beautifully decorated, which gives it an artistic look and makes it perfect to take a few photos to add to your holiday posts on Instagram.

  1. Blue Mansion 

Blue Mansion is a Grand Heights subdivision in the city and provides you with the ideal luxurious retreat you might be looking for. Whether visiting with family or friends, you can stay at this beautiful place and take as many photos as you want in every corner of this aesthetically pleasing place.

  1. Crescent Moon Café and Studio Pottery

Crescent Moon Café and Studio Pottery is a quaint Southeast Asian-inspired restaurant with beautiful pottery products. The area also has an open-air dining area, koi ponds, and well-maintained gardens in the café, making it picture-perfect. The menu is also unique; you will taste some delicious dishes here.

Summing Up

Antipolo has many picture-perfect places that intrigue Instagram-obsessed people. We have listed some of the most instagrammable places in Antipolo that you must visit if you plan to visit the region. Get some stunning pictures and make your Instagram followers jealous of your relaxing retreat to the Philippines.

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