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Ronny Chieng Net Worth, Bio, Education, and Age

Ronny Chieng Net Worth

Ronny Chieng is a well-known comedian born on the 21st of November 1985 in Malaysia. In the year 2023, Ronny Chieng’s net worth stood at around $ 5 million. Chieng is also well-known for appearing as himself in his Netflix comedy series known as Asian Comedian Destroys America! in the year 2019.

Who do you think is Ronny Chieng?

Ronny Chieng is a Malaysian actor, comedian and screenwriter, popular for his work as an actor in the hilarious news program The Daily Show as well as for his roles in ‘Crazy Rich Asians as well as Marvel’s ‘Shang-Chi The Legend of the Ten-Rings.’

Chieng’s Earlier Life and Education

Born to a Malaysian Chinese family in Johor Bahru, Malaysia, Ronny was raised in Singapore before moving to Malaysia and then to the United States, specifically in Manchester, New Hampshire, for five to six years, beginning in 1989 until 1994. After completing his degree, he moved to Melbourne and studied law and finance.

Ronny was raised in a supportive and healthy family. He still has an intimate bond between his parents and sister. For his late father, who died unexpectedly in the year 2019, Ronny has nothing but positive things to say about his father. In one instance, in an obituary to his deceased dad, Ronny reveals the fact that he had been a hard-working person who was a fervent supporter of higher education.

Nominations and Awards

Ronny won the Most Promising Newcomer Award in 2012 at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival. He received the Director’s Choice Award at the Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2014. He consistently won the Best of the Festival Award in 2013 and 2014 at the Sydney Comedy Festival. In the past, Chieng has received numerous awards and has been nominated for a variety of awards.

Ronny Chieng’s wife

Talking about Chieng’s love life, he is happily married to a Vietnamese-Australian, Hannah Pham, who is a significant lawyer and an executive producer. The couple has been married for over a year and is able to enjoy time together in a relaxed manner despite their hectic schedules. For the children they have, it seems both Ronny and Hannah prefer to concentrate on their respective careers for this point and leave the responsibility of raising children until the future. They seem to have settled in the most luxurious home and luxurious home in New York City. Are you keen to know what happened to Ronny Chieng, who made it to millionaire status even though he was clueless about his college days? And what is the value of his wealth? This is everything we have to know!

Ronny Chieng Complete Name

Chieng’s complete name is Ronny Xin Yi Chieng.

Weight, height and personal appearance

Chieng is taller, 5’11 inches and weighs 71kg. He has fair skin with black hair as well as an eye colour that is dark brown.

Social media presence of Ronny

Chieng has been online since his rise to prominence in the year 2009, and in the years since, Chieng has developed a massive social media following for himself. At the time of writing, Chieng has more than 423k Facebook followers as well as over 10,000 Twitter followers. He has also been active on Instagram and has 638k followers.

In October 2016, Chieng appeared on The Daily Show, and he spoke in an interview with Jesse Watters on a News segment on Fox News episode that was interpreted by some as racist. After Chieng aired his own opinions regarding his segment on the show, he received a lot of ridicule.

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