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El Chapo Wife (Emma Coronel Aispuro) Net Worth

El Chapo Wife Net Worth

What is El Chapo Wife’s “Emma Coronel” Net Worth?

Emma Coronel Aispuro, who is married to the notorious drug lord El Chapo, is believed to have a net worth of $5 billion. She started her career in the entertainment industry as a model and later went on to become a beauty pageant winner during her teenage years. Her life changed after being introduced to Joaquin Guzman, “El Chapo,” who later became her husband. Her life was transformed because El Chapo was one of the most sought-after Mexican criminals. She lives a lavish life with two children.

Despite the financial wealth and lifestyle, the work is not without risk. She was detained and charged with a variety of charges related to trafficking in drugs and money laundering, as well as various other illegal activities. She was sentenced to three months in prison.

Earlier Life of El Chapo Wife “Emma Coronel Aispuro”

Emma Coronel was born near San Francisco, California, on July 2, 1989. Her parents’ names are Inés Coronel Barreras and Estela Aispuro.

She was raised with their siblings, Edgar Coronel Aispuro and Ines Omar Coronel Aispuro, in an isolated town in Durango.

We don’t have much information about her education, but we do know that she successfully completed high school. Additionally, we have some details on her journalism studies in Culiacan.

Emma Coronel Aispuro, who is known as the wife of El Chapo, began participating in beauty pageants during her teenage years. This proved to be a valuable and rewarding experience for her.

Emma Coronel’s Height, and Weight

Emma Coronel Aispuro stands at 5 feet 6 inches and has a weight of 136 pounds. She’s always dressed in expensive clothing and loves fashionable jewellery.

Is Emma Coronel Aispuro a Millionaire?

Emma’s net worth is estimated to be in the range of 5 billion dollars, making her a billionaire, not just a millionaire. She got a significant portion of her wealth from the illegal businesses of her husband. She began her career as a model before marrying one of the largest drug lords in the world and earned her wealth via his businesses. She had twin daughters.

Emma Coronel Aispuro’s Life As a Person

Emma Coronel Aispuro dedicates her time to her husband and twin daughters. In 2007, she participated in the Coffee and Guava Festival beauty contest held in Canelas, Durango.

She was introduced to Joaquin Guzman El Chapo by her father, and he was impressed by her charm and beauty.

Despite the fact that he had been married twice before and was younger than her, she made the decision to tie the knot the next July. They were blessed with twin daughters who were born in Lancaster, Los Angeles, in 2012.

Emali Guadalupe Guzman Coronel and Maria Joaquina Guzman Coronel are frequently seen together in public. Interestingly, Joaquin Guzman’s name does not appear on their birth certificate, which is likely due to the fact that the U.S. was seeking him at the time of their birth.

Emma Coronel Aispuro’s life has been characterised by luxury and extravagance. She was born into a family of considerable wealth before marrying into an even wealthier one. Her social status afforded her many opportunities to visit the opulent estates of her family across both the United States and Mexico, with Sinaloa being a particularly notable location. However, she currently finds herself in a minimum-security prison in Texas.

Is Emma Coronel Aispuro Self-made?

Yes, Emma Coronel Aispuro is not a self-made billionaire. Her father, who worked involved in the business of drugs with her husband, one of the largest drug lords in the world, the 34-year-old beauty queen, stepped into the business of her family too. She inherited her husband’s wealth and business and remained faithful to him, despite his detentions and later divorce.

Career: How Much Does El Chapo Wife “Emma” Make?

Emma Coronel Aispuro began her journey in the fashion industry as a model and later participated in beauty pageants. Her life took a significant turn when she decided to tie the knot with Joaquin Guzman El Chapo, and her career path shifted accordingly.

Joaquin Guzman El Chapo is widely recognized as one of the biggest drug kingpins on the planet. He was the head of one of Mexico’s most powerful criminal cartels. He was repeatedly detained before escaping, only to be jailed a second time.

Emma Coronel Aispuro remained steadfast in her loyalty to her spouse and refrained from revealing any details to the authorities. As a result, he is now serving a lifelong sentence in prison.

She was arrested and charged with numerous illegal activities. She admitted to aiding the Sinaloa Drug cartel and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. She is serving her sentence in the Federal Medical Centre in Carswell, Texas. She is scheduled to be released from prison on the 13th of September, 2023.

Despite the huge amount of money earned from the illegal venture, she still earned an income of a substantial amount through her legitimate business. Emma Coronel Aispuro launched a brand that offers clothing, jewellery, accessories, and other items. The brand’s name is El Chapo.

Emma Coronel is active on the social media platform Instagram, where she has 731K followers.

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