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Smartphone Mastery: Lesser-Known Apps for iPhone Users

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Reflecting the iPhone’s enduring appeal is the expansive growth of the App Store—boasting nearly 2 million apps, as stated by Apple. Among the numerous apps are widely celebrated names as well as lesser-known yet remarkable applications awaiting wider discovery by users. We found useful phone applications that few people have heard of. Let’s explore together interesting apps in the App Store that you are unlikely to find from any of your friends or acquaintances.

#1 Skiplagged

Amidst the vast ocean of travel applications that promise to streamline your trip planning, secure flight reservations, and snag comfy accommodation, Skiplagged emerges as a standout contender. Its claim to fame rests upon its adeptness at navigating the lesser-known realm of ‘Hidden City’ ticketing. These ingenious bookings exploit layover loopholes to procure airfares at significantly slashed prices—a departure from conventional booking strategies.

This maverick approach may sound intricate, but here’s the crux: Skiplagged is the resourceful travel companion that diligently delves into a myriad of flight combinations to present the most cost-effective options for your journey. The platform operates transparently, devoid of any hidden fees or deceptive tactics—just straightforward savings for savvy travelers.

#2 Call Recorder for iPhone

Call Recorder for iPhone does exactly what its name says. It makes recording phone calls on the iPhone possible. There are several similar applications in the app store, but according to reviews, this is the best call recorder in terms of ease of use and functionality. This call recording app can record any calls with unlimited duration.

#3 Streaks

Human beings inherently strive for self-improvement. Embracing technology in this quest can significantly bolster our efforts. The Streaks app exemplifies this by streamlining habit formation. Users seamlessly schedule activities such as gym sessions or reading, fostering new, positive routines.

The unique feature of Streaks lies in its accountability mechanism: should a user falter, the app’s streak count resets, nudging them towards greater commitment. Moreover, its integration with the health app is a boon for those pursuing health-conscious habits.

#4 CARROT Weather

Are you weary of the default weather apps on your smartphone, and yearning for something more invigorating? You’re not alone. The plethora of choices is overwhelming, but scarcely any stand out like CARROT Weather. This innovative app allows you to customize its “personality setting”—opt for a straightforward, professional forecast, or spice things up with a dash of wit and humor. Beyond its playful nature, CARROT Weather is acclaimed for its sleek and uncluttered interface. What’s the icing on the cake? The core application won’t cost you a dime—it’s absolutely free.

#5 Zocdoc

Chances are, this handy health solution has flown under your radar. If you’re settling into a new town, require a specialist’s expertise, or you’re on the lookout for a fresh medical perspective, this application could be the ideal match. Zocdoc bridges the gap between you and local doctors compatible with your insurance plan, taking the uncertainty out of the search for a trusted healthcare provider. With its user-friendly mobile app, compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, scheduling your next doctor’s visit is just a few taps away – it’s simplicity at its best.

#6 Brainfood

Countless hours are often lost in the abyss of aimless phone swiping, sinking into a sea of digital inactivity. Yet, if one is bound to wander through their smartphone’s labyrinth, why not harvest some knowledge along the way? Enter Brainfood—a mobile application crafted to reshape the habitual scroll into an enlightening journey.

Trade in your regular social media binge for a serendipitous educational quest with Brainfood. Embark on a voyage through intriguing historical tidbits instead of endless photo streams. Imagine feasting your eyes on the twisted tales of cinema’s most beloved antagonists rather than just another set of curated images.

#7 What3Words

Welcome to the next evolution in mapping technology. Google Maps has long been a staple for voyagers and navigators alike, but a new contender, What3Words, steps up with a novel approach to pinpointing places. This groundbreaking application segments the globe into distinct 3-meter squares, each addressed by a one-of-a-kind trio of words. The aim is to provide a hyper-accurate method that simplifies the discovery of precise spots for its users.

#8 Basmo

For all the avid readers out there who have been aspiring to enhance their reading habits, Basmo offers a promising solution. Recognized as one of the premier reading trackers available, Basmo is tailored for iPhone users who seek a structured approach to managing their reading endeavors. The app provides a seamless interface for logging books you’re currently devouring, curating a wishlist for future reads, and expressing your reflections and insights on the literature you encounter.

#9 SmartFriends

Smartfriends emerges as a dynamic app designed to stimulate mental agility. Engage daily with a fresh “IQ Challenge” to ignite your cognitive skills. Each day presents a unique puzzle, with solutions and enlightening insights revealed subsequently. Challenge your companions or climb global rankings in this engaging contest of intellects.

#10 Sunrise

Searching for a more serene yet efficient way to wake up? Try the Sunrise alarm clock for a tranquil start to your day, synchronized with the first light of dawn. With its sleek design and straightforward functionality, this app allows you to set your morning alarm in just one tap. Activate it, and rise comfortably 15 minutes prior to the sun’s appearance. Ideal for early birds and anyone wishing to embrace the day with a stunning sunrise.


Have you heard about these apps? If yes, please indicate this in the comments. It would also be interesting to know if these apps have helped you in your daily life.

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